Gabriele BonisConcept Art, Illustration

Turin, ITALY

Available for Freelance Work

A Valuable Lesson 2D Art and Concept Art for a Cancelled Game

Background art, concept art and 2D game art for an indie mobile game started in 2012.

Too bad this game was cancelled, since I think its art looked pretty. And also because, being it a revenue-sharing project, I ended up working for free.

At least I learnt a few valuable lessons from those days, which I'll share here. Firstly, when freelancing always have your client to sign a contract (you must learn to write one) before starting your work. Secondly, always ask for an upfront payment before starting to work for a client (if it is a long collaboration, you'll also need to plan some other payments along the way, or you'll die from starvation before the project ends). Thirdly, please avoid budget-less projects. If those criteria are not met, you're better off watching anime or learning those guitar tabs you've just downloaded, since most likely those activities will be as profitable as the work offer you've just received.

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