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Turin, ITALY

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One and One Story Mobile game

Remake of a flash game called One and One Story.

Since the game's plot and characters were on the abstract and emotional side, most of my design effort went into conveying a mood using the background art (as I already had done in the original flash game). I decided to set the whole game in the same location, a made-up old town inspired by central Europe, for I was looking for something old, colourful and full of history in order to suggest profoundness, but which at the same time could look moody and gloomy, depending on the time of the year. I also decided to alternate day and night and to let the seasons pass in order to communicate the flow of time and the repetition of daily routines. I think the music composer did a great job in stressing the rhythm of the time flowing.

Outside from the environment design and the background art, I made a few animated sprites (a boy and a girl), various static assets for the levels and a tileset. I also decorated the level data with tiles and sprites.

Difficulties arose and eventually the game (which was remotely managed and self-funded) was cancelled.

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